DELAFON PARIS product prices are quoted in Euros, all taxes included. The amount of your order including delivery charges depending on the option chosen (see “Delivery Mode”).
DELAFON PARIS company reserves the right to change at any time without notice in prices of products offered on the website. The products are billed on the basis of the rates posted on the when placing your order, subject to availability of
products ordered at this time.
Any order placed on the website must be paid immediately when placing your order. We accept payment by credit card.
All orders are payable in Euros. Credit cards are accepted: MasterCard ®, Visa ®, American Express ®. The shipment of your order takes place only after verifying your payment and receipt of authorization to debit your card.
The debit of your credit card will be effective only when your order is ready to be shipped. In case of unavailability of certain items ordered (see Availability), only the price and delivery costs for the products available will be debited.

Reserve Property

The products ordered are the property of DELAFON PARIS company until the full payment is received by DELAFON PARIS COMPANY.
However, you assume the risks (including loss, theft or damage) for products delivered and that since the actual date of delivery.