Script « Bain de soleil »
Sequence 1 : EXT – HOLIDAY HOME – DAY
Anouk remembers her first summer vacation of 1968 by the pool.


Summer 1968: unforgettable, scorching, frantic.
With the sun at its zenith, I lived a waking dream.
Everything was very real.
From the edge of the pool where I basked, my gaze was lost in the shimmering water on the irregular stones that framed the blue rectangle.
Cicadas were singing and a light sea breeze blew across the landscape saturated with sun and colors. The blue of the water, the warm ochre of the earthen floor, his smoldering eyes…everything is coming back to me.
The sun caressed my milky skin, gilding my freckles.
The water ran over my body, soothing the heat.
The orange fringe of my swimsuit dulling in color while drying, in defiance of the sun’s rays.
Humming « La Rua Madureira » by Nino Ferrer, basking in the sun, I felt his fingertips follow the curve of my back…